Zulu Winters – “Key To My Heart”

The single out from Zulu Winter, shows that this British shoe gaze band has been finely tuning their craft for their album debut. In this video, what starts out feeling as if its going to turn in the direction of the classic Maxell commercial, completely flips it on us (literally more than once), and keeps going. The around-the-room rotation into the same scenes at different axis’s, gives us, at first, what are stills with subtle motion, just enough to notice, but with the rotation of the room, makes you wonder if it was an optical illusion or not. It all comes together later on in the video when we see more movement from some of the band members as a group. The changing perspectives around the room keep the viewer interested in seeing what will be going on on the other side of the wall, weather that wall be animated with projected visuals or not. Something that I don’t like about the video? The cheesy animations coming out of the television. Something I love? How when the guy climbs into the television, he leaves his butt imprinted in the leather chair for the remainder of the video. The track keeps me moving, keeps me wanting to dance in my chair, and wants me to hope that the rest of their album is this good (just checked, and so far so good). The visuals are wonderful, the technique is original, and the poppy-ness of the song makes me warm and want to put it on a mix tape to a significant other.

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