Rosco Bandana – Time to Begin

As much as I don’t believe that this band has been together since they where in high school starting a band, they still rock. My thing is that all the bands that success are friends when they are young or in middle school, or high school, or grew up in the same town. Thats just my conclusion that I observed for all the greats. This band almost seemed like they were hand picked from different points in their life, by some marketing company, or promotion company, and put together by management to pump out hits that would spread like wild fire, due to the demand of bands like Mumford and Sons, or any mid-grade 2-hit wonder out there. The whole look seems unoriginal, the way they only focus on the front lead singer/guitarist, and the two hot lead female vocals, all seem to me like the perfect concoction of a well oiled money making machine. That and the fact that they are out on Hard Rock Records. Too soon?

Well enough about my personal opinions. The lead singer has the voice that rings like Bob Dylan without a real message, and the look of a member of The Giving Tree Band. The two lead female vocals are soooo freaking hot with voices of angels that Im willing to give up everything truthful I just said, and just keep listening. The video is alright. Nothing super cool. Basically just spent a lot of money to break shit and get mediocre effects of mirror glass flying around. But notice that no one ever really gets the spot light. All pretty focused on the 3 main people/selling points of the band. Hm…… And Vevo doesn’t even let the whole video stream to the end.

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