Modestep – Another Day (Ft. Popeska) (xKore Remix) (Official Video)

Since life has started, unless you are Tommy Lee, Deadmau5, or some other off the wall musician or actor, even they had, at some point, that feeling of, “I wish I can start this day over”. Here Modestep guides us through this youngsters day, each day progressively getting better, and each day, yet almost the same, he increasingly becomes more and more of a badass. Bang that hot teacher, then bang your bullies hot mom. Get on with your bad self. Just stop the nose bleeds young buck. The guitar riffing in this dubstep track is so dope, and the heaviness of the track with the “tomorrow is another day” sample, makes this track an absolute banger. One thing I do like about dubstep now-a-days is the resurgence of head banging. Kids these days need more of it, and they aren’t getting it from Drake or Junstin Belieber. Bravo dubstep. Keeping it headbanging for the kids of the future.

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