So this is some straight up American rock and roll shit. It’s basically the Black Keys but not as badass, or maybe just not in everyones playlist yet. Sweaty white dudes playing throwback rhythm and blues. I don’t know how I feel about it. Commercially it can be successful. 70% of Americans love this kind of shit. I feel like that’s pretty accurate without being too much of an asshole. Music they can drive their chevy’s to, drink beer to, work on their cars to, grill out to… all that–nonsense babbling. But this, to me, is dive bar music. Stevie Ray Vaughn. Always playing at dive bars by people who are secretly amazing guitarists, but don’t like the attention or have a drinking problem, or both.

The video is nothing interesting, no story line or narrative, sweaty dudes in suits, sometimes in slow-motion, and fireworks and beer? Yeah i don’t get it either. I thought for sure the way this video started they were going to be on stage for a talent show at a high school though. But these dudes actually do pretty much cut it. The shredding at the end of this track makes me want a shot of whisky right after I leave a New Orleans voodoo fortune teller lady. Sweat. Thats what comes to mind when listening to Lee Bains. Just sweat. I’ll keep listening, but probably stop watching.

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