DJ Shadow feat. Run The Jewels – Nobody Speak

I can’t queue up the video for DJ Shadow feat. Run The Jewels – Nobody Speak without chuckling in the first 5 seconds. It starts humorously, to me, maybe because I know what’s going to happen. Or maybe it’s just the track. But once Shadow cues up that spaghetti western guitar twang sample, it just makes me feel good all over.

Overall I think this video is absolutely great. The video depicts two old guys verbally battling with the voices of El-P and Killer Mike in a United Nations type of conference room. They’re really letting each other have it, and eventually it turns violent. This video just does a really good job at catching peoples reactions. You can feel the tension and surprise in the room as you are watching from behind the 4th wall. It’s amazing.

And come on. The track starts with El-P saying “Picture this, I’m a bag of dicks, put me to your lips.” Is there a more creative way of saying “eat me?”

Stay looking good, DJ Shadow.