Cherie Lily – Dripping Wet

I don’t even know where to start with this one. Andrew W.K.’s wife Cherie Lily is hot at shit–I’m sure she’s also a fantastic fitness instructor–but good goddamn this is ridiculous. Her boobs are Katy Perry size, so why not throw them in a bikini with giant spikes coming out of it? While we’re at it, throw on some Lady Gaga glasses; have some girls slice water balloons with samurai swords; have some firemen hose people off; throw up some epilepsy inducing text overlays and then turn the lights down so everyone’s eyes look like that creepy shit with the pharaoh from Stargate. Oh yeah, and abs. Lots and lots of abs and titties. Once you have all that shit loaded in your video suite of choice, just add some college DJ remixing and you have everything you need for a crack addled, but still sexy, Richard Simmons workout video.

But seriously, if I still went to the gym regularly I would totally jam out to this shit while my fatass pretended to run on the treadmill.

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