‪Action Bronson – “GET OFF MY P.P.”‬

This video, by far, is why so many underground hip-hop videos are all the same, and suck. Dude rapped about graffiti, let’s show someone throwing up an awful tag. Dude rapped about a gun, hurry–make a gun with your fingers and put it point blank in the camera, while standing under some elevated tracks. Chain link fences, train yard over passes, rap about mud… twice = slow pan over mud… twice!

Rhyme about drugs, show dude rhyming and waving a blunt around his face. MORE LOW LIGHT! Oh and let’s jump back to the beginning… a long ass movie sample (surprised it wasn’t Scarface), and a slow still of dude exhaling blunt smoke. I’m done. This dudes babyface rapping is making me mad and he should go back to the kitchen.

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