‪Zambri – From An Angle‬

This is what you do if your a poor hipster art-school student. Not what you do if you have PR companies working for you to promote your music. This is what garbage looks like.

Seriously? I found this amusing when I was in college, with no money. I think i still have footage of of me doing this when I was super stoned in college thinking it was so rhythmic and artsy and deep. I just isn’t. Watching this makes me know that Im wasting my time. The track is experimental, the beats, are somewhat well constructed, but I wouldn’t even lay this in the background while I’m balls deep in coding, and the vocals are just sub-par. With all the options of things that bring bliss to your ears, why would I choose this. I want my 4:27 back. BTW, this was written in 4:27.

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