Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. This track starts out like it could be an overseas Pepsi commercial. Like any commercial that comes from Asia, it’s loud, impressive and a complete sensory overload. This video starts off on the right track with some kind of popping and locking little korean boy, conjuring up memories of this little guy. Then the freaking wind machine, fake snow, explosions with people getting blown away, some horrible dancing, some yoga, some booty, a party bus with senior citizens and hot women. This PSY guy rules so hard. I just don’t get it, but its so awesome. Let’s make a video with NO BUDGET!!! The girl dancing on the train is almost everything I’ve been looking in a life partner. Still the more i watch this, the more i just don’t get it. The guy in the elevator is just freaking hilarious. Korean pop at its finest. Those LMFAO dudes now have some serious competition coming from the K-POP scene. I’m in awe from watching this video! They actually show a down shot of dude on the toilet! No holding back! Just watch it, and stop reading this. Thanks Ben for sending this over. It made my freaking life. I’m buying a ticket to Korea!

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