‪I Already Forgot Everything You Said – The Dig‬

Music is a funny thing. You can sit there, watching music videos, listening to tracks, really trying to break things down, lyrics, rhythms, technical shit, all of that, and really try and decipher the message. Or you can just sit there, and not pay attention to the videos, not try and tie together or pay attention to the lyrics, hear the voice as an instrument, and get completely swept away with whats going on in your personal life. And the music, including the instrument of the voice, just takes you to somewhere else and let’s you build your own story that coincides with your personal life. Sometimes it works. I don’t even know what this song is really about, I haven’t tried to follow the lyrics, but the sounds that this band is producing and the rhythm which it is moving at, is taking me to exactly where I want to be. That is what I consider a good song. It’s helping me escape, or is it helping me focus on going into a direction. Maybe it’s making me think too much, maybe too little.

After watching the video and paying attention I found myself extremely captivated by the movement around the featured couple, and the band. What they have and what they are conveying starts out absolutely perfect, and turns sexy and set in an amazing environment of a battered down building, bubbles in bed, hot girl running around in sexy socks, and your flannel shirt, a private dinner (with no food, but stockings) turned into a sexy magic trick(?) and a party. I love this video. It shows everything that you want out of a relationship with someone. The feeling of love and warmness and togetherness overpowers all else in this video, thanks to the shoe gaze elements of the ghostly backups vocals and of course, the instruments wrapped in christmas lights towards the end. I want to hang out with all these pretty people, and this weird new years dance party, and just feel what they feel, the absolute power of companionship between two people.

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