‪Grimes – Genesis‬

Grimes is blowing up right now. This song is so catchy and poppy, and I’m so glad her cuteness in her voice matches her cuteness in her look. This video is just random, no plot or story line, just a lot of amazing outfits, and weird Lolita, goth, art-school looking girls parading around with swords and sparklers. All things I do enjoy if done by the right looking people. I would have loved to see, instead of that big black SUV, some sort of Mad Max vehicle. She keeps it classy and youthful by having a limo party with her friends while she’s playing with a white boa. But her friends, in that weird forest setting, need to stop trying to look so cool. I just what them to start LARPing with some LIGHTING BOLTS, instead of looking like a bunch of American Apparel models.

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