sssShawnnnn – “Mac n’ Cheese” (Live Mashup)

60% of the time, mashup videos are bullshit all the time. It’s some “Sex sells!” marketing nonsense by a shitty DJ just throwing a scantily clad hot bish up there as a still image while their crappy, prerecorded, I’m-a-human-iPod mixtape runs in the background. This is not the case with sssShawnnnn.

You don’t see his face. You don’t see a half-naked broad. You do see two Midi Fighter 3D controllers, an XBOX and Playstation controller, and hands that are fast as lightning. Hell, if I wasn’t just about to tell you that he’s the primary button-pusher in Pinn Panelle you probably wouldn’t even know. But fuck all of that because none of it is important. This is what talent looks like. As if his ability to rock through just about every memorable song and sound from recent memory wasn’t enough, he rocks the cups like Kendrick and also manages to solve a fucking Rubik’s cube. During. The. Song.

This makes me feel like such a failure.

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