Sia – Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler

We came across Pitchfork’s article Sia Apologizes for “Pedophilia” Connotations of “Elastic Heart” Video, in regards to her new video featuring Shia LaBeouf (America’s favorite person to label a psychopath at the moment) and Maddie Ziegler (some of you, like myself, have no idea who she is) do some performance art type shit in a giant mousetrap game type of cage, while wearing dirty flesh toned garb and looking like they could use a prison shower.

And that’s basically what the video is. Cool. It wasn’t until I saw Pitchfork’s headline that I started to think, “was there something that I missed?” I mean when I think about pedophilia, I think of like discussing kiddie porn. Not this pretty cool back and forth dance that was going on. It got me thinking.

Does it take one person who got molested when they were younger to cause an uproar and stink on what most people would pay top dollar to go see at a Juilliard recital or the Lincoln Center? Does it get called out like this just because it’s on a global entertainment level? Can art and performing dance not even be beautiful or artsy anymore? We have to be sensitive to everyone?

It’s the psyche and undertone of the video and the song. It’s an upbeat track with beautiful vocals. It’s an opera-esque feel using the body and dance to tell a story about struggle and being caged. In no way was it, “Oh my god! I need to prey on this little piece of meat.” I took it as an ape in captivity (read: life) being antagonized by little monkey who wants to play. The little monkey keeps popping in like, “Let’s play! Let’s play out here!” but the big ape is like, “I want to, but I can’t! Just help me! Don’t leave!”

Thankfully, nothing like what we were talking about earlier happened to me as a youth. I can watch this video and see it as ballet. I don’t watch Wiz Khalifa videos and need to immediately smoke a blunt. If I did, would it be my dad’s fault because he smoked weed when I was growing up? Does past trauma have to be triggered by something seemingly innocent and beautiful?

The only thing I know for sure is that I’m going to smoke a blunt right now.

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