RJD2 “Descended From Myth”

RJD2’s 2013 release, More Is Than Isn’t, is a solid release musically on its own. Before the “Descended from Myth” video release, I would not have considered it one of my favorite tracks on the album, but when you add a very memorable sensory experience all of that can get thrown out the window.

RJD2 ropes you in early with the sheer ridiculousness of the contraption, but starts to lose me towards the middle when people start walking into the frame. They’re almost as mesmerized as I am and I just want to yell at them to “get the hell out of my way” so I can enjoy the show in peace. This video is a great supplement to an average track, which catapults it towards great. How long until RJD2 decides to Beyoncé himself a surprise video album? I’m waiting…

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