Redman “Dunfiato”

Redman. The dude who made it cool to be from “Brick City.” Here’s the latest fire from Dr. Spock himself, “Dunfiato,” the track forecasted to be released on the upcoming EP, Muddy Waters 2. Redman shows, once again, that his rap game is air tight. The 20 year emcee still has some of of the slickest wordplay in hip hop. The captivating music video is simple. Shot through a fish eye lens, ripping a blunt sitting on a stack full of wax… The FunkDoc is gimmick free. Check it out.

This 3-minute tune is built on the foundation of hip-hop, laced with soul and melody. “I need a beat,” Red states in the first 20 seconds. “I don’t need no turn-up beat, I need some elements. Some hip hop. Let’s get back to some elements.”

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