Red Fang “Wires”

Fuckin’ Red Fang,dude. Such a rad band. One of the best stoner metal bands out there. Between them and Clutch, who would win in a fight? Lemy for sure… but in all seriousness, probably Clutch, but still these dudes are so fuckin’ rad.

This video is a work of art and pure creative thinking on its tippy toes. Taking you into the process of making a music video with a budget. Just when they are about to give up on the house and give it the old torch, they get a check in the mail for a video budget, and basically they take you along on their journey of buying some of the most ridiculous shit you can do including, but not limited to buying a shitty station wagon, and crashing it into the most asinine shit they could waste their budget on. This is kinda what the staff of Danger!Sound would probably do if given the budget. Get a lot of money and buy something to use to smash shit. Buy shit to smash. Then make a cheesy intro and a cheesy outro to build a story with. I mean fake it til you make it has been term we have all used more than once. Along with “spend that money before you make it.”

They recorded all of their shenanigans, compiled it into a story and backed it with a recording of them playing in a very simple space–which lets the music speak for itself with out all the bullshit glam and over the top video effects. Smashing shit is cool. It never gets old. Long live destruction.

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