R. Kelly – Cookie

If there was any doubt in your mind that R.Kelly doesn’t like to introduce urine into the bedroom, listen to this song and please come back with a solid argument. If I were talking to a jury, I’d actually say, “Ladies and gentleman of the courtroom, please refer to the line in Mr. Kelly’s song ‘Cookie’ in which the defendant states, ‘… I kill the pussy, dig her; Great… she grab the wood like grippin’… grain…; I told her “put it in my face”; Let it rain… let it rain…” I rest my case your honor.

In all realness, R. Kelly is dropping it gangsta on us. Beating that Pu$$y til its blue, then eating and licking it like a damned “cookie”. Bite it, get inside it. I’d hate to put this guy in charge of a catering company, from the way he talks about cookies and lobsters. But I totally respect RK and his imaginative mind. I never in my live put together the the side profile of the delicious cookies sandwiched between white cream, kinda does look like.. a woman’s cookie when looking at it straight on. You see it, no? Yes R. We all know how you get down. I have this weird feeling that R. Kelly has a room between the garage and his party room that is set up like a sleezy porno casting couch room.

The use of auto tune totally reminded me of Mr. Rogers audio remix for “Garden of your Mind“. Song is dirty, but it’s growing on us because of its randomness, and it makes us chuckle like a 7th grader when the teacher mentioned Butte, Montana. I truly wonder what Nabisco has to say about his love for Oreo cookies. Maybe he’ll get an endorsement for Oreo like Snoop did for Hot Pockets or Nelly did for Cheerios?

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