PYYRAMIDS – “Invisible Scream”

Have you ever found something that will just… do? Maybe settling for something because your bored? A girlfriend, a television program, a meal, a song? That’s kind of how Pyyramids video for “Invisible Scream” makes me feel. With all of the music on the Internet, I settled for this song and video. I could be listening to Nirvana, but I found this along the way and, what the hell, I’ll listen to it.

There’s nothing special about it. A cute, not even hot, girl wearing the shirt of a band that she probably never even gave a chance–until she bought the shirt so she couldn’t be called out (see: Justin Beiber Black Flag shirt)–singing along to a sad simple backing band while she gives up, falls back and gets carried away by the crowd, surfing her way across the venue while singing the sad, sad tune. And let’s not forget the other edgy part of her: the whole Lenny Kravitz thing going on with her nose. Super edgy. I can’t take this band seriously. I feel like this song belongs on a casting couch.

PYYRAMIDS is an LA based duo consisting of OK Go’s Tim Nordwind and ex-He Say, She Say singer Drea Smith. I’m sure they’re riding the wave of publicity behind the OK Go thing. Honestly, it’s not that good, and people know who Luscious Jackson is more than they know who Drea Smith is–unless you’re from Chicago. Then of course you know who she is, and you were totally friends with her before she moved out to LA.

I mentioned Nirvana only because this actually reminds me of a slower, not interesting version of “Heart Shaped Box.” To even compare the two tracks is irrelevant and not worth the time, but a small piece of me is reminded of Nirvana’s masterpiece. Compare if you want. Argue if you want. We have different ears, and we are different people. For all I know, this song can remind you of something Radiohead did and we all forgot about, or the ending sequence of the movie Airheads. Whatever. I don’t hate this band–they’re actually very good–but do yourself a favor and skip this suicidal song (see what I did there?). Jump over to tracks like these:

“Do You Think You’re Enough”

“Don’t Go”

Ok, I lied. Maybe I do hate this band. Do you? I’d love to hear your opinion. Ok. Go! (See what I did there as well?)