ODESZA – “My Friends Never Die”

The video opens with what I can only describe as a slightly voyeuristic scene watching a girl wake up. (Unless you happen to be the type of person that likes watching people sleep, and then it’s probably pretty normal for you.) You think the video is about her.

Is she ODESZA, all caps? Why is she getting up off her magenta colored pillow? It has to be morning, right? That’s why the birds are chirping? My Friends NEVER (all caps… for emphasis) Die blaring across the center of your screen like you just got the first ten second intro glance into what you’re going to be experiencing for the next few minutes and now you get to see the title. It’s kind of the like the opening to one of fifteen different video games that came out in the last decade. Protagonist wakes up, slightly groggy, stumbles around to figure out what the fuck is going on and where he/she is.

The Dre-ish beat starts popping and she starts walking down the hallway. Finds out a passed out, British looking dude in a suit in the hallway with a joint in his mouth. Of course she steals it. Then all of a sudden he’s awake with a wet joint in his mouth, and now he’s running down the stairs in reverse with some serious blood shot eyes. Ok, so everyone is clearly hungover as fuck and has absolutely no idea what happened last night. The obvious solution is to play a game of “Who drew on who’s face with a Sharpie and then made out?” Let’s not forget the dude drawing with a lit flair, topless dudes, rope swings and other generally beautiful people doing random, fucked up college shit.

Meskaprod directed what can only be described as the period of our lives ranging from 2005 – 2010. Now who wants to get high and go back in time?

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