No one I know “kind of likes” a metal band. You either love it or you hate it. Some metal bands have turned to gimmicks and shticks in an effort to flesh out a gray area. Most of them suck. Then there’s NEKROGOBLIKON (caps for emphasis). The “goblin Metal” (yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like) band takes it to a level of ridiculousness that can only be characterized by a dumpster of Pogs. All of this might make more sense after you watch the video, but probably not. Watch it anyway.

Yeah, they scream about Pogs, and barrels of ears, and power chords and wanting you to die, but it’s kind of endearing when you think about it. Everyone thinks they have a metal voice–maybe you can even harmonize too–but how many of these so-called untapped talents can do all that shit in a goblin voice? NEKROGOBLIKON doesn’t take themselves too seriously except for when it’s serious fucking business. Realistically, when you’re making music for goblins, there’s some serious shit on the line. All kidding aside, comedic lyrics and a costumed goblin ruining around like he’s being chased by angry villagers is the perfect compliment to the expert technical execution that you find in any successful metal band. They’re fucking around, but they do so a good of it that you almost have to question how much of it is really a joke. Also, Pogs.

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