Mr. Oizo “HAM”

Fuck yeah. Mr. Oizo introducing a new video for his track “Ham.”

Warning: obesity plays a big part in this. John C. Riley and his hot sauce nachos, Rascal-ing around looking at the big box store sales with his freaky looking sidekick/son/nephew/friend who is equally as big but is being towed?

Like some ode to American culture, the video brings that sensation of shopping and searching for that deal that the American consumer feels entitled to, reflecting the reality of events like Black Friday, this director reveals all the tell-tale signs that this country is going down the tubes physically and mentally. Sweat pants and jacket all grease stained, bad skin, stomach hanging out, lazy and doesn’t wanna walk, or can’t walk so now he’s on that Rascal, fighting for the Mr. Oizo plush doll. Thanks to some laws in the United States, watch as the heated fight for a plush doll at the big box store turns into a Mexican standoff!

Is this how other countries perceive us? Some of them, yes. Travel outside of the US and you won’t find Rascals. You won’t find guns at big box stores. Actually, You won’t find many big box stores. You also won’t find much obesity or Black Friday shopping rage. What you will find are astronomically lower numbers in cancer, obesity, murders and gun crimes. Step it up fellow Americans. If you live in a major city you probably only hear about shit like this on Facebook, but this kind of shit actually does happen in real life.

I don’t mean to come off as a communist. If you don’t like anything that I’m saying, maybe just ignore me and go home and warm up your frozen peas and carrots to accompany your meat lovers pizza and catch up on “The Biggest Loser.” If you can take anything away from this, other than a couple laughs, just know the toy they are fighting for in the big box store is the one and only “Flat Eric” character which is featured in almost all of Mr. Oizo’s videos. Check out a few:

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