Medina feat. Svenstrup & Vendelboe – Junkie

Medina. Ever heard of her? Probably not because you’re American. But this blonde-bombshell is Denmark’s number one selling artist, a singer/songwriter, a popular model and even a Nordic it-girl (Junkie? It-girl? never in the same article). This tune she came out with, “Junkie”, is super dancey, super clubby, and everything you’d want to hear while downing those apple-tinis and doing your eye makeup with your favorite group of “bitches” before going out on your “extreme single-ladies Saturday night” at the clubs. This video shows the weird goth side of Denmark’s party scene.

I guess they party in “Blade” style discos, and converted meat freezers. BMX bike and goth children are totally allowed in. She’s super dope too with her sparkly shirts, white long hair and colored contacts. It’s like Die Antwoord meets AVICII (also see: Turbo Folk). I guess it’s alright to glamorize the fact that she’s a junkie, considering that Denmark addicts get state-funded heroin and assisted treatment. Not so bad, ey? Maybe Miley Cyrus will come out with a song called “Methadone Clinic” or “Halfway House” in the near future?

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