So Many Ways – “11:22”

I’m glad to see that Chicago is still represented when it comes to punk rock, metal, rock n’ roll, etc. I was starting to think that we pussed out a little bit. Hometown heroes So Many Ways released a video for their track “11:22.”

As much as it’s not that great of a visual masterpiece, the video is cool enough not to take away from how good the track is. I mean come on, the band’s playing and singing in, like, a weird cheesy echoey effect, but they redeem themselves halfway through the video when the band is magically wearing ski masks, pouring beer in their face holes and stuffing them with some Andy Capps Cheddar Fries. Both guitarists guide us through this thrashing masterpiece playing mirrored call and answer riffs, then team up to play synchronized awesomeness before going their own ways. Seriously, their guitarists are animals. All that happens while the drums are beating heavily and rhythmically into my ear piece and the singer is singing and screaming–not enough to be screamo, but enough to be respected.

If this track were a character in Ninja Turtles, it would definitely be Shredder.

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