Heidecker & Wood – Getaway Man

This is news to us. Comedian and writer Tim Heidecker, of the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and Tim and Eric Billion Dollar Movie fame, has been releasing music with Davin Wood, his longtime musical collaborator on the same titles, as a parody(?) band indulging in the tradition of the late-60s Laurel Canyon heyday.

Genre spoof? Yeah, but they’ve been at it long enough to be releasing a sophomore album Some Things Never Stay the Same. Based on the video for “Getaway Man,” it’s really not that bad. In the classic T&A way of doing things, their visuals aren’t big budget, or even good, but they are gaudy and annoying enough to be funny. Who would have thought that Tim Heidecker can sound like a hybrid Joe Cocker/Bob Segar?

This big budget in-studio video would be just like any other exclusive music blog recording, until the killer graphic design starts overstimulating your eyeballs and Davin’s kickass riffage starts to kick in. For real, who knew that weirdo can sing like this? New album out November 12 from these goofballs.

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