Die Antwoord – “Banana Brain” Official Video

At some point, we’ve all wanted to walk around wearing I FUCKING HATE YOU emblazoned underpants, but only Die Antwoord can pull it off like they do for the cover of the new Mount Ninji and da nice time kid album. Which brings us to the latest track released from the upcoming album: Banana Brain.

We never had a problem listening to Die Antwoord during the day, but this is especially fitting for all those daytime raves you’re going to be throwing in your cubicle when the boss man isn’t paying attention. If this track came from anyone else we’d suspect they just wanted a track that would get them a residency at Ibiza, but Die Antwoord probably just wanted some sweet synth shit running in the background while they did their thing. Yolandi kills it. Ninja kills it. Somehow, it’s completely familiar while still being completely different from anything else that Die Antwoord has released.

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