Chad Valley “Real Time” and Tour

Chad Valley, aka Hugo Manuel, has produced some killer tracks in the past 4 years and has collaborated with some of the hottest artists right now in the industry. Some real top notch shit. It’s no surprise that he was featured on the Warm Bodies soundtrack and continues to wow everyone. What is surprising is that the most boring music video can be released for his biggest single to date, “Shell Suite.” You’d think it would be stepped up a notch being his first “soundtrack” single, but instead follows around a girl in a white dress doing regular shit and looking all emo and hip in the country side. It generated over 484,000 views (I guess writing about it won’t help).


The track is super dope. The shoe-gazy-synth-pop track blends some deep emotional feelings with a dancey vibe, which cultivates a number of emotions in one listen. This track can be listened to while on a long road trip as the rural landscapes are passing like a diorama as the sun starts on one side of you and finishes on the other. You can wake up to this track. You can fall asleep to this track. You can impress some friends at a late night house party. Even when you are sitting on the beach relaxing by yourself. You can find that hours have passed as you lay in bed staring at the ceiling with this song on repeat. It caters to all times and moments. It makes you fiend for this track when whatever is on just isn’t doing it for you.

But don’t let that track, and the weird, boring video, cloud your thought and perception of Chad Valley. Chad Valley is what would happen if Washed Out and M83 conceived a child after a high school prom. Unprotected sounds overlaid on a steady smooth beat coming from Daddy’s Cadillac rocking back and forth on make-out hill; looking out over the valley of twinkling lights that are flickering out as the city goes to bed. This child, born out of wedlock and raised by foster parents, just wanted to produce music all day in a dark basement. Didn’t really have too many friends. He goes to school and watches a girl from a distance but never has enough courage to talk to her. Until one day when his super powers are revealed–he can fly–and he shows her what the world looks like from his point of view from way up high in the clouds where everything sounds like magic. Just take a listen to his new track, “Real Time.”

Not bad, eh?

Chad Valley will be returning to the US in support of his new track ‘Real Time,’ off his forthcoming Peace and Understanding mixtape, as well as his acclaimed full-length debut, Young Hunger. Better get up, get out, and get some.

Oct 9 @ DC9 in Washington, DC
Oct 10 @ Mercury Lounge in New York, NY
Oct 11 @ Boot & Saddle in Philadelphia, PA
Oct 12 @ Great Scott in Boston, MA
Oct 13 @ Il Motore in Montreal, Canada
Oct 15 @ Wrongbar in Toronto, Canada
Oct 16 @ Pike Room in Pontiac, MI
Oct 18 @ The Empty Bottle in Chicago, IL
Oct 19 @ 7th St. Entry in Minneapolis, MN
Oct 22 @ Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver, Canada
Oct 23 @ Barboza in Seattle, WA
Oct 25 @ Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, CA
Oct 26 @ Bootleg Bar in Los Angeles, CA
Oct 27 @ The Casbah in San Diego, CA
Oct 29 @ Glasslands in Brooklyn, NY

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