Capital Cities “Kangaroo Court”

Everyone, and I mean everyone (moms included), likes Capital Cities. “Safe and Sound” is still a phenomenal song, but even the excellent video was getting a little… dated. “Kangaroo Court” has been a single for long enough that you’re familiar with it, but now there’s a video. And it’s filled with… furries?

Really? Again? We finally got over “The Fox” shenanigans, and now we’re looking at more people dressing up like animals, acting like people. We’re going to allow it again for the following reasons: It’s a great track, and the video fits. Imma Mustang. People dogs playing poker. Graze Away. Elephant people on the trumpet. Most importantly, it’s got a weird Jim Carrey in The Mask meets The Great Gatsby mix of opulence and pure ridiculousness.

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