REPLAY! The Ramones “Rock & Roll High School”

When I first meet someone at a party or at a show, I often ask, “If you can go back and be part of any band, present or past, and be there from the initial conception, and live through their whole life-span of being in the band with the same history and success, who would it be?”

My answer will always be the same. The Ramones. They are the pinnacle of cool. They are original, don’t give a fuck, and are just straight up rock n’ roll. They eat pizza and wear leather jackets. They sing about heartbreak, partying and shitty New York beaches.

This track, Rock & Roll High School, is the title track to a movie that my father introduced me to at a very young age. He also had this record when I was growing up and it was the raddest record art I have ever scene. I used to study the artwork, just thinking, “man, I hope this is what high school is like.” It wasn’t at all.


It was like National Lampoon’s Animal House, but it was high school. Things were blowing up, people were slanging dope to giant rats, girls were getting their butts grabbed, and it had The Ramones in it. The movie is still one of my favorites to this day, and Riff Randell is still my dream girl.


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