White Sea “Future Husbands Past Lives”

So I’m listening to this new jam from White Sea, and I’m completely unfamiliar with the artist’s story or any of the details that made the magic happen. Now I’m on the third go around enjoying the strength of the song, finding myself reminded of the unique force of M83. In a conversation with Hugh a few minutes later I realized why.

I was unaware that White Sea is Morgan Kibby, a.k.a the powerful female vocal half of M83 in recent years. She’s the cowriter of some of the most epic songs on this side of The Wall Pink Floyd built. Some songs that leave me wondering how in the hell all of that sound fit into an audio recording. You know when you see nature that knocks the wind out of you, then you pull your phone out of your pocket to take a picture only to realize you just fucking ruined it? Well, Kibby knows how to make music that feels like that nature, and she’s taken that ability with her for her new work as White Sea.

“Future Husbands Past Lives” is a noticeably more dance inducing affair. An eruptive build, followed by some vintage dance synths then… ah… there it is. Layers of those massive, chilling vocals we’re familiar with. Kibby’s vocals find a way of overpowering some intense, symphonic efforts in the track, which doesn’t feel too surprising now that I know who we’re dealing with here. If you’ve heard this woman belt vocals on a track before, I don’t think I need to really talk about the details anymore because you know the drill intimately. And I always leave feeling like that was her intention.

Her work with M83 is cut for standing on the top of Half Dome and staring at the Yosemite Valley contemplating the possibility of multidimensional, spiritual ascension, “Future Husbands Past Lives” feels more like the opening scene for a rad Saturday night where every member of your crew is in top gear and the world is rolling out the red carpet for you. You may not be listening to it then, especially if you have friends who get overwhelmed by intense showings of “musicianship,” but if that Saturday night were a movie, this would fit.

I’m looking forward to seeing what White Sea’s release In Cold Blood has in store because I love me some epic music, and right now, I’d say Kibby’s unchallenged for the queen’s crown. Until a few hours ago, I had no idea she was releasing an album. Somebody drop me off at the top of Mount Everest, and film me in 1080p, 1,052fps slow motion. Let’s go big!

[White Sea is hitting the road with The Naked & Famous at the end of May. There aren’t any dates in Chicago (yet!), but check out the rest of the dates here.]

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