The Chemical Brothers Drop Tracks Ahead Of July Album Release

The Chemical Brothers will release their 8th studio album, Born in the Echoes, this July, and have soft-dropped a pair of tracks to whet our collective appetites. Taking a cue from their principal level peers Daft Punk, they have left a morsel of a new track with Q-Tip on their Facebook page. This track should answer the age-old question, “How many times can a grown man listen to a 10-second track sample?”, as I haven’t really stopped listening to it for the last half an hour.

The second of two tracks, “Sometimes I Feel So Deserted,” offers us a taste of Vintage 2001 Chemical Brothers. You know, back when they were still just laying the foundations of what has become a legendary career.

We’ll be back later for a full review of “Go” and the Michel Gondry video that accompanies it.

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