Single Lash “Dead Inside”

Ok. This shit is confusing, so pay attention. Single Lash is a band from Austin that just released a new LP called Soft as Glass. The album title doesn’t really fit because they have a much darker, grittier sound, but whatever. They get artistic license. They’re also “typically a trio, but this particular album is a solo project from frontman Nicolas Nadeu.” I can handle that, too. I’m far more likely to stream or download music digitally, but what if I want to physically hold the album in my hands? Vinyl? Nope. CD? Nope. Limited edition cassette release only. But I digress.

The track is all of the following: haunting, beautiful, spacey, industrial, fish-tanky, infuriating, repeatable, meandering, reverberating, cold, electronic and textured. You could put “Dead Inside” on repeat, drive all the way to Canada and come to with absolutely no idea what happened the last ten hours (ymmv on this, depending on location). You might also feel dead inside. I’d bet against that though because I’ve been listening to it for like twenty minutes straight, and I’m fine. It’s not a track you want to listen to in a situation that would normally require an upbeat, Carly Rae Jepsen sing-a-long, but if you need something to listen to while you get some work done–or you’re just having one of those days–this will help.

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