Nine Inch Nails “Everything”

In case you missed it, Nine Inch Nails released another new track from their upcoming album Hesitation Marks. The track is called “Everything,” and you can listen to a radio rip of it below. But you should watch this fan-made music video instead because it perfectly describes what everyone was thinking the first time they heard the new track.

Yes, it’s super happy. Yes, Carlton and puppies and Reznor mounting a unicorn surrounded by windows is perfectly applicable given the song’s a little “lite.” I’m not going to hate on Reznor’s happiness because, quite honestly, he’s probably out of dark things to write about it. More importantly, that means Nine Inch Nails isn’t going on hiatus again any time soon because he knows that he can release whatever the hell he wants and people will like it. You will eventually like this song. It might terrify you at first, but you’ll grow to like it. You didn’t always like beer, and look how that turned out.

And here’s the radio rip from BBC Radio One:

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