Hey Champ “On Holiday”

There are tracks that come along that are good. There are tracks that come along that are great. Then there are tracks that come along that you could literally listen to on repeat all day. Hey Champ’s newly released “On Holiday” is one of the latter cases.

The track is officially tagged “tropicalia sci-fi” by the band which sounds completely made up, but isn’t. Once you get through six or fourteen listens to the song–the point where everything happily blends together in your eardrums–you’ll start to realize that it’s actually quite fitting. “On Holiday” has everything you’ve come to expect from Hey Champ, but it’s also got marimba, sexy lady vocals courtesy of Leslie Beukelman aka BeuKes and a contagious beat that makes it very difficult to turn off. The only thing this song is missing is a tiki drink and a day off.

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