Hannah Hoch “Reductions #1”

When was the last time you rode the Red Line from Howard to 95th? Probably never. That’s ok because Chicago’s own Notes and Bolts (read more about the label here) founder Kriss Stress took a one-hundred and sixty minute trip for you. The end result is surprisingly soothing and ambient.

It’s released under Stress’ pseudonym “Hannah Hoch,” and he’ll take it away with the details:

The original audio source for this piece came from recording a trip on the Chicago Red Line train from one end of the line (Howard), to the other (95th/Dan Ryan).

160 minutes of sound were recorded before being distilled down to the 15 minutes which comprise this movement; a process that required over 300 separate cuts and edits and over twelve hours of piecing and pasting to form the stemmed collage of the track that was then taken and immersed with echo, and reverb before being layered several times over to complete the final piece.

From beginning to end, the piece is cut in a linear fashion, in the way that the sounds were recorded from one end of the train line to the other. By listening to the piece in its entirety, one is essentially hearing the full breadth of sounds encompassed within the full train ride.

As I was building the layers, I was able to mash together areas of quiet and loud – moments that on a train ride in real time, may not be immediately noticeable if one is pre-occupied. Doing this, I began to hear rhythms, patterns and sounds that would sustain like drones as they moved from one passage to another.

Download the track or get more info from the official Bandcamp Page.

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