Cage the Elephant “Come a Little Closer”

Aside from their album, Live from The Vic, recorded in January 2012, Cage the Elephant has stepped out of the shadows to release their first proper single since January 2011. Last week, “Come A Little Closer” hit the Internet, and it’s stirring up Cage fans new and old alike.

The Bowling Green band is known for their classic, yet alternative rock sound–proven with their debut and sophomore albums. Although some of their music is met with high brow critique from various publications, much of that is squashed with their high octane live shows. Trust me, this track will be fire when played in front of a large or small audience. It’s just as good the twentieth listen as it is the first. Gentle, but strong verses from Matt Shultz are accompanied by divine guitar riffs from brother Brian and Lincoln Parish. The song has nice tempo as it stays funky enough during the ebbs and really rocks during the flows. If you are patient, the last minute of the track will get your heart pumping.

This tune has pitch-perfect production. Lots of influence from The Pixies, and echos of The Smiths are subtly present, but overall Cage The Elephant’s progression as an American Rock band is apparent. This track is their new foot print. Expect a great album later this year.

[Ed. Note: Now with a new tour video!]

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