Azealia Banks – COUNT CONTESSA

Holy balls. We may be approaching fall on the northern hemisphere, but this track is keeping summer alive foreverrrrrr. For being only 22, Azealia Banks kills this track. I mean, if you could get arrested and charged for killing tracks, this girl would be serving multiple life sentences. Right out of the gates I was digging this fun beach lounge beat and getting a chillax vibe. You know, just kicking it on the beach, taking in some cosmic rays and getting healed by mother nature. I’m taking in a little brewski and holding onto a beautiful babe like I was Malibu from American Gladiators after taking a blow to the dome piece. Then THWAP (the sound of a few pieces of roast beef on your forehead), she jumps in with her raps like a lyrical lifeguard backed by a nice clap hit for every bouncy syllable and resuscitates me on the beach.

She definitely has someone in her camp that she should keep around. You know, the person who initially mentioned to her that she should check out this British dude named Lone who is producing these hot as fuck dance tracks that are perfect for her rap style. This isn’t the first time she’s borrowing/rapping over/teaming up with Lone. Jump back to her track “Liquorice.” Yeah, that’s the same dude who produced this track.

Now I’m moving, and I can’t stop… especially once those Kool & the Gang, “Summer Madness” synths start kicking in. Damn this is hot. This girl is hot fire right now because she’s got such a dope style as a female rapper. Good thing she keeps mentioning Ice House because I almost forgot about trying to drink two of those when I was 16 and throwing up all over my friend’s utility sink in his basement. Faded.

She’s on that next-level type shit, not only because she’s working with Lone, but also because I didn’t even here her say every female’s favorite “C-Word” once in this track. You think she’s thinking about radio play with less censor gaps, maybe? Hopefully she’s keeping it a little cleaner this time around, or at least with her social media beefs. I mean, that’s how I notably remember her. Either way, you go girl. Be different. Team up with dope European electronic producers. Don’t be scurred. Fuck the haters. Let everyone else flock to the big American producers and their factory produced jingles.

One piece of advice, though: Muscle Mike is not a good body guard, nor is he a good meteorologist. He’s one dude you need to get rid of.

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