REWIND! Social Distortion – Riviera Theatre – 2010

[REWIND! is a weekly feature where Hugh Voltage and Ray De Ation dig through the coverage archives. The original words and photos are published with modern commentary about what they think now.]
THIS WEEK: Social Distortion – Riviera Theatre – 2010

HUGH: I’ve seen Social Distortion quite a few times over the years and the unifying theme of all those shows is their consistency. The lineup and set list might change every so often, but you’re all but guaranteed to see a great show as long as Mike Ness is around. Looking back on this show, it’s no wonder that this band consistently sells out whatever venue they’re playing at.

RAY: Yep. Social D. Mike Ness and his always-changing lineup. Great act to see, always consistently good. Never quite sure who’s the same since the last time I saw them live.

ORIGINAL REVIEW FOLLOWS: Social Distortion – Riviera Theatre – 2010
As the Social Distortion backdrop – complete with the SxDx skeleton and vintage car – lowered onto the stage during a processional of Social D members (sans Ness at this point) it became immediately clear to the crowd at the sold out Riv that this show was going to be exactly what they expected. Ness emerged during a rolling drum beat and promptly removed his jacket and strapped on a guitar. Then all hell broke loose.

The set started with classics from “Mommy’s Little Monster” and worked its way all the way to tracks from the as of yet unreleased “Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes.” Throughout the course of this spectacle – simply calling it a show doesn’t do it justice – Social Distortion made an impact on each and every member of the audience. There’s a reason an entire genre of music literally spawned out of the impulsive work of Mike Ness and whoever he chooses to play with.

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