REWIND! Japandroids – Metro Chicago – 2010

[REWIND! is a weekly feature where Hugh Voltage and Ray De Ation dig through the coverage archives. The original words and photos are published with modern commentary about what they think now.]
This Week: Japandroids – Metro Chicago – 2010

Hugh: I’ve seen Japandroids–at the Metro, no less–on more than one occasion. There’s no nonsense, no bullshit and no pretense. It’s always two dudes on stage playing one hell of a rock show for as long as they’re physically able. The lights are intense. The sounds will make your ears hurt for days. The experience as a whole will melt your damn face. These are just a few of the reasons you should catch Japandroids every time they roll through town.

Ray: Of course I remember this show. This was the first time I got blown away by the Japandroids. Literally, I felt like I was blown away. They had a wall of Marshall stacks on stage and they were pushing so much wind with the wind pushing out of them, being in the photo pit was like standing in front of a fan.

Original review follows: Japandroids – Metro Chicago – 2010
Brian and David from Japandroids may be Canadian, but they’re unlike any Canadians we’ve ever seen. As opposed to sitting lethargically, riding a moose, and/or wearing funny hats, Japandroids will rock your goddamned face off – whether you like it or not. Clad in the stereotypically indie black shirt and almost-too-tight jeans, Brian and David put on a show that was anything but stereotypically indie.

If anything, the Japandroids put on a show reminiscent of a slightly-less-produced, equally emotionally evocative version of Foo Fighters – circa “Colour and the Shape.” It was raw. It was emotional. It was a rock solid, frantic, musical dervish with an almost epileptic amount of headbanging from Brian. David wasn’t far behind on the emotional richter scale ether because he was thrashing the drums at a feverish pace.

There might have been a few times when the audience participation and the sheer emotional exhaustion made the guys in Japandroids looked like deer in the headlights, but it’s safe to say that they were the ones at the helm as the set careened happily out of control.

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