REWIND! Lupe Fiasco at North Coast Music Fest

[REWIND! is a weekly feature where Hugh Voltage and Ray De Ation dig through the archives of previous concert coverage. The original words and photos are published as is… with modern commentary about what they think now.]


Ray: I truthfully don’t think I got any really good photos from this set. The pit was just elbow to elbow, and very pushy with all the other photographers. I feel like every one is given a photopass for North Coast. People with iPhones were in the pit trying to take photos. Kinda sucked.
Hugh: I’m gonna agree with Ray on this one. This wasn’t our best work. I’ll even take some of the blame because the original review had far too many things in quotes and attempts at cleverness. Whatever. It was still a good time.

Original review follows:
Throughout the hip-hop Rage Against the Machine bent of “State Run Radio” and a Twista-esque delivery on “Scream” (both tracks off his unreleased Lasers), Lupe Fiasco unleashed an intensity, an energy, a melodic rage that no audience member was prepared for. If you were one of the girls standing in the line for the bathroom you didn’t just miss out on his verse drop from NERDs “Everyone Nose” Remix, you missed the special rhythmic compilation of hip-hop, live band, and synth that Lupe does so well. He really was “Shining Down” on the audience even as he imparted them with the knowledge that he might pass out because of his Ramadan fast. Of course he dropped “Superstar,” but that night it wasn’t even about him; it was about each and every member of the audience. It seemed only fitting that the set included him freestyling over The Prodigy “Girls” because when it comes to Chicago, Lupe really is the prodigal son return home.

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