REWIND! Loyal Divide at North Coast Music Fest

[REWIND! is a weekly feature where Hugh Voltage and Ray De Ation dig through the archives of previous concert coverage. The original words and photos are published as is… with modern commentary about what they think now.]


Hugh: My original prediction might not have come true in the time frame allotted, but I still stand by the sentiment behind it. The world needs more Loyal Divide jams. Get to it, boys.

Ray: This band was so good at the time. I don’t even know if they are still playing together or what’s happening with them. I’ve been out of the loop with them. I went back and recounted all of our interactions, and in 2010, we shot them 5 times, and did one photoshoot with them. In 2011 we shot them 6 times and did another photo shoot with them, as well as individual band portraits. We got to know these guys very well. We believed in these guys 100%, and the music they produced was awesome. Let’s hope 2015 brings back more new Loyal Divide music.

Original review follows:
If you’ve never seen Loyal Divide play live you have no idea what you’re missing. You know that band that each one of your hipster friends has that you can’t talk about anymore? That band they knew “back before they were famous”? Loyal Divide will be that band in five years because superstardom is eminent. Hopefully by the time people on the West coast take notice it will be alright to like what everyone else is listening too. Because honestly, everyone will be listening to Loyal Divide – and with good reason.

The sometimes five, sometimes six piece collective uses the standard collection of rock and roll instruments but then adds keys, synths, mixers, and horns to individualize their sound. At times it’s Radiohead or Nine Inch Nails; at others it’s Talking Heads or Prince. The entire crowd at North Coast loved the show, but no one loved it more than the band members. And it’s not about being self-absorbed either, they just love what they’re doing. It wouldn’t matter if they were at a festival or a bar, you wouldn’t get any less than awesome from them and it shows in their work. However inevitable, fame is just an afterthought to them.

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