REWIND! Flying Lotus at North Coast Music Fest

[REWIND! is a weekly feature where Hugh Voltage and Ray De Ation dig through the archives of previous concert coverage. The original words and photos are published as is… with modern commentary about what they think now.]


Hugh: Mmmm… Adult Swim courtesy of FlyLo. I still have fond memories of this show… even though it appears we spent most of it staring at dude’s butt.
Ray: Not many artists can make you feel like you are under the influence of psychoactive drugs, but this dude can, just by tweaking knobs and pressing buttons. Can you believe this dude used to be an intern at Stone’s Throw?

Original review follows:
Flying Lotus is one of – if not the – most hyped artists in the music industry today. After his set at North Coast the reasons why are abundantly clear. As he pinched, pulled, twisted, and daintily adjusted knobs, FlyLo put on a show unlike any other the crowd had experienced. The crowd ate up every minute of his performance as he worked through tracks of his own like “Camel” and “Tea Leaf Dancer”, along with mixing it up with samples from Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show. As the poster child (or musician) for all things Adult Swim, hearing clips like “But no way Jose am I spittin’ this stuff out, it tastes like fruit” isn’t out of place during a FlyLo set. If any of that wasn’t enough, mixing Radiohead and Portishead tracks into his set was the final push the audience (which numbered in the thousands by now) needed to let go of their inhibitions and gyrate into the night.

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