REPLAY! Tiffany – “I Think We’re Alone Now”

[REPLAY! is a weekly feature where we jump in the DeLorean to review an ancient “music video.” It’s like Throwback Thursday except it sounds a lot cooler and doesn’t have a #hashtag.]
THIS WEEK: REPLAY! Tiffany – “I Think We’re Alone Now”

Yo man. Who didn’t want to be alone with Tiffany. I wanted to be alone with her when this song came out, but for so many different reasons I want to be alone with her today.

Back then I probably wanted to be alone with her in the “dude she probably loves collecting Ninja Turtle action figures, watching horror flicks on VHS and reading comics” sort of way. Now, it’s more like, [Ed. Note: Everything originally written here was far too NSFW and, quite frankly, probably would have made you throw up.] “the carnal” kind of alone.

Have you ever gone in to a train yard? Have you ever run in to a women in a train yard? If you have you probably know they don’t look anything like Tiffany, and they aren’t there to sing or make a music video. They’re there to make some money for crack. That kind of habit doesn’t keep someone looking good three decades later, but for the record, Tiffany’s still got it.

And those video edits. That’s innovation. Two words: mall tour. And that, kids, is how I met your mother.

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