REPLAY! Q Lazzarus “Goodbye Horses”

[REPLAY! is a weekly feature where Jesus Face jumps in the DeLorean to review an ancient “music video.” It’s like Throwback Thursday except it sounds a lot cooler and doesn’t have a #hashtag.]


Forever synonymous with Buffalo Bill via Silence of the Lambs, I went with Q Lazzarus “Goodbye Horses” for this week’s Replay!. I will admit I can’t listen to this song without hearing the lines “Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me.” in my head. Either way, this is a super dope track.

I’m drawn in by the keyboard, but when the vocals come in I’m locked. There’s a hypnotic quality to it. Occasionally I’ll get that look like the dude Elaine was dating on Seinfeld whenever he would hear “Desperado.”

I can’t really remember much else that Q Lazzarus had released, but at least she can say she put a big dent in the music world that also carried over to the movie world. In my opinion that’s a pretty big deal.

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