REPLAY! Herbie Hancock “Rockit”

[REPLAY! is a weekly feature where Jesus Face jumps in the DeLorean to review an ancient “music video.” It’s like Throwback Thursday except it sounds a lot cooler and doesn’t have a #hashtag.]


The infant state of MTV drew large audiences and because of that, video became the standard accompaniment of music creation. In 1984, I was 5 years old and watched the shit out of MTV. I was especially obsessed with Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit” since I first caught it on TV. It’s innovative as well as progressive. The video is so busy that I couldn’t wait for it to come back on so that I could try and see what I missed the last time. Not only is this video unbelievably dope–the videos made today have nothing on videos like this one–the song was just as good.

Just as almost anyone that listened to electro and hip/hop back then, I used to breakdance; “Rockit” was one of my favorites to breakdance to. My older cousin was the one that got me interested. We used to take out the cardboard in the front of the house and party at all hours of the night. He would even take me to parties with him so we could breakdance there. This song/video brings me back to that time–a time when breakdancing with my family and friends was the thing I looked forward to the most.

Herbie Hancock is no slouch, nor is he anyone to be slept on. So don’t sleep.

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