REPLAY! Dramarama “Anything, Anything”

[REPLAY! is a weekly feature where we jump in the DeLorean to review an ancient “music video.” It’s like Throwback Thursday except it sounds a lot cooler and doesn’t have a #hashtag.]


“Anything, Anything” by Dramarama isn’t just a song. It’s a rite of passage, a trial by fire and a damn good time for punk/pop/alt bands for as long as it’s been part of the musical lexicon. But we’ll get to all that shit eventually. Right now, we start with the original.

Nothing is quite as good as the original song, or lo-fi video, but you’ve got plenty of other options from the past decade.

Like the Lucky Boys Confusion version

Or the Buckcherry version from the Nightmare on Elm Street 4 Soundtrack

Or Lit… with John Easdale from Dramarama and Adrian Young from No Doubt

Or more Buckcherry covering from the Road Trip Soundtrack

If you don’t like this song, fuck you.

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