REPLAY! Young MC “Know How”

[REPLAY! is a weekly feature where Jesus Face jumps in the DeLorean to review an ancient “music video.” It’s like Throwback Thursday except it sounds a lot cooler and doesn’t have a #hashtag.]


I bought Young MC’s album on cassette when it was released. I’m surprised that the tape didn’t warp and break because I listened to this album back and forth daily. This was one of my favorite tracks on the album. The Dust Brothers did solid work on this and sampled some solid tracks. Most people think of “Bust a Move” when they think of Young MC, I think of “Know How.” The Shaft sample works perfectly. If you haven’t listened to his Album Stone Cold Rhymin, do yourself a favor.

Here is a studio version with just music:

Here’s a random video remixed edit of “Know How” just for the fuck of it:

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