PRESS PLAY! A Tribute To J Dilla

[PRESS PLAY! is the weekly feature where the resident Danger!Sound DJ, Bop City Beats, fills your ears with what’s hot.]


After years of digging through liner notes, and album credits, I came to realize the fingerprints of some of my favorite tracks belonged to the one, and only, J Dilla.

Its almost impossible to list off his entire discography, but I think this mix captures the essence of J Dilla’s best work. Drums that just sat so nicely each time they hit. Beautiful samples, deep-DEEP b-side cuts which in the end, breathed life into some of these old records of broken dreams. The mix includes tracks from Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip, De La Soul, Janet Jackson and Common.

Definitely, a person that was taken from us too early. RIP J Dilla. We miss you fam. Peace.

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