Press Play! Five Tracks That You Might Have Missed…

Here are five tracks that might have slipped past you in 2014, but are definitely worth revisiting. My bet is they will become main-stays in 2015.

Chilly Gonzales, Boys Noize & Chance The Rapper
-Last fall, Chilly Gonzales teamed up with German house music producer, Boys Noize, for a collaboration album called Octave Minds. If you missed their first time collaborating on Chilly’s album “Ivory Tower,” be sure to peep that HERE. This track features Chance The Rapper, who rose to stardom overnight with his “10 Day” mixtape. This track has everything. It has harmony, its a sing-along, and its playful. It will take you on a cinematic trip powered by Chilly’s piano chords.

Leon Vynehall
-I think this was one of the best electronic albums to be released in 2014. Everything from the Origami album art to careful composition of each track. With an album title like, “Music for the Uninvited,” you gotta admit, it peaks your interest. This particular track clocks at nearly nine minutes and is the highlight with steady bass line, bouncy rhythm, with and excellent vocal sampling.

Les Sins
-Chillwave craftsmen, Toro y Moi, has been curating live sets for several years… but his affinity for beats has pushed him towards the dance floor. The project as a whole is quite experimental with an unconventional approach to chopping up vocals and percussion. Title track, “Talk About,” hangs onto an aggressive spoken word sample, but provides some balance with a lighter feel… compared to some more of the darker moments on the album.

Ólafur Arnalds & Janus Rasmussen
-Ólafur is one of the biggest classical multi-instrumetalists in the world and Janus being a bit more of an Icelandic underground electronic producer come together for a long anticipated techno project. The new single from Nordic duo Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen is a delicate icy slow-burn – much like the project itself. Its sounds like a tune fighting its way to the surface under the arctic winter glacier setting fire to everything in its path.

Basement Jaxx
-Album #7. Yeah, you heard that right. This album, much like their previous six have flown under the radar. However, anyone who is familiar with this powerhouse knows they have kept dance clubs sweaty and festival crowds popping for 20 years. So many good tracks to choose from of this album, Junto, but “Unicorn” stands out. Sweet female vocals paired with 4-on-the-floor momentum, this track with have you out of your seat.

Until next week… PEACE!

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