Press Play! 4.8.2015

[PRESS PLAY! is the weekly feature where the resident Danger!Sound DJ, Bop City Beats, fills your ears with what’s hot.]


Normally, when I make a mix I’m casting a large net. You reel in the casual listener with something relevant, while still adding some of your own nuances.

Today’s mix is not for everyone. Today’s mix was designed for a narrow audience. However, inadvertently, I think that most of you will be able to relate to it. 55 tracks. 2 hours. All hip hop. All the time. Its the mix I’ve always wanted to make. Unapologetic. It goes super hard and doesn’t let up.

No track listing; you’ll just have to put the pen to paper and scribe these tunes on your own. Inspired by my homie, Steve, the rap music mogul himself.

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