Washed Out

I feel like I got on the Washed Out bus a little late. I’m assuming it was because I missed the same Portlandia bus and just waited for the whole series to be available for instant streaming. It was last year around August that I first got introduced to Washed Out by a friend who was in town from Madison for a music festival. We hopped in her car to head to a party. It was past midnight and the streets were empty and glowing, the speed limit was 30, the air was warm, “Eyes be Closed” was playing in the background. Things were alright.

I don’t regret not knowing Washed Out up to that point because what I had found almost felt like destiny. Light. Magical. Stress Free. Like a good menopause medication. With tracks like the Portlandia intro, “Feel it all Around,” which is so catchy and cool, and “New Theory” which is a little more intimate, unconfident and shoe-gazey, Washed Out runs the gamut on diverse dance beats. A little bit emo, a little bit hip hop. A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll. No. Not really, skip that last part.

What we are going to do next involves a little bit of hand eye coordination and about 4 minutes of your life. You will not regret it. We are going to take that YouTube video down there. Press the audio level to mute it. Then hit play on the YouYube video and play on the sound cloud audio track, trying to start them at the same time. Sit back. Relax.

And, that’s it! That’s Washed Out. It’s so chill I want to make a really bad montage of me riding Falcor from The Neverending Story. Maybe have a part in Willow. I wouldn’t want to miss this show for the world. Sit back, kick the shoes off, maybe antibacterial my hands while sitting on a blanket taking in the sun. Plus, it kinda just makes you feel super cool.

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